The heart of Dewar’s Powerhouse is recording studio, located on the ground floor of the mansion. During the existence, we recorded, drove and supported projects such as Wet Red, Rooftops, Synecdoche Montauk, HIK, Sasha Vinogradova, OMMA, Jekka & Raumskaya, Ploho, Bigudi, Iskander & Salomeya, Всигме, ЕстьЕстьЕсть, White Slaver, Lisokot, Пасош, FMWL, Unlockedoor, Паперный Т.А..М. . Part of studio time nowadays is dedicated to the recording of friends and residents of the home, but the rest of time studio is available for commercial work: great sound, personal approach and homely atmosphere are waiting for you.

Recording systems:

1.ProTools III with Digidesign 882 Studio converters

2.Logic pro X with SSL XLogic converters and UAD2 dsp Ultimate bundle

3.Akai dr8

4.Merging technologies Pyramix

Pult: SSL Matrix


2 Neve 1073dpa preamps, 2 Empirical Labs Distressors, 4 UAD LA-610 mk2 strips , UAD 2-1176 compressor, Chandler limited Germanium preamp, SSL Xlogic Alpha vhd pres, Drawmer DS201 gate, Yamaha REV5 fx







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